Fallen star (for my grandfather)

Fallen Star

There’s nobody like you
Who lived with the strength of being a man
No one gave love too many
Like only you can

Your believe in God
And the love for your family
Makes life worth live for
And you shined so heavenly

There no way I can be
Or reach the same level like you
But I will try
And live the life you taught me to

My past year was build on tragedies which no one want’s to face
My heart was filled with anger and common hate

But whatever that made me cry
Is a part of life
What some don’t understand
And keep wondering why

Today I wake with second wind and strong
Because of your pride
I will fight with all my heart
To keep your legacy alive

We will never forget
What you have done for the family
For much to long
We honor and carry on

I had loved you forever
Because of who you are
And now I mourn our Fallen Star

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