Friends or more

A poem written by Emerson Terinathe

Friends or more

There’s no need to ask if we will be friends or more
Let our hearts speaks for themselves
if there is something worth living for
You might be scared for what you feel today
still might be there tommorow
But I’m here to stay
to carry all your pain and sorrow

The first time we have met, you never fully understand
how deeply my heart feels for you
The distance between us
ended up in losing you
Now years passed by, but we remain the same
A joyfull feeling
Because you still remember my name

Eventhough we are yet to discover
If we will be friends or more
You’re still in my heart
so for you my heart it’s an open door

There’s no need to be afraid
I care for you like a friend
So take my hand
Because I’ll be there for you,
untill the very end


Emerson Terinathe

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