From me to you

People asked me: “Emerson, why is it that, when you write poetry, you do it in English, but when you are writing your blogs and columns, you do it in your own Dutch language?” The only reason I can think of is dat I can express myself better in English when I write poems. Poetry is universal, but the expression of a poem goes much deeper and is more powerful in English than in Dutch. When I write: ” You are my heart. My true definition of love. When I think of what a real woman should be, it’s you I first think of.” That’s more tence than: ” Jij bent mijn hart. Mijn ware definitie van de liefde. Als ik denk hoe een echte vrouw hoort te zijn, dan ben jij de eerste waar ik aan denk“.

I write about all sorts of things people have to deal with in real life, whether it’s in poetry style or in a in a column or a blog. I’m influenced by many people and different cultures. I’m facinated by a succesfull businessman, but also by a homeless person, who had to deal with unsolved issues in his own life. But there’s one thing they had in common. They both have to fight to maintain. The businessman have to fight each day to maintain succesfull. The homeless person have to fight each day to stay alive.

I always wonder how a person must feel. What’s going on in his of her mind. I write from a view that’s recogniseable. That people recognise in what I’m writing about. I want to give them a feeling that they’re not alone in what’s going on in their mind. I care about people. Maybe more than I care about myself. We all live in this world. This is a world where our childeren live in and our childeren’s childeren. If we all care about each other, than we can make this world a better place. That we can create an enviroment for our childeren and grandchilderen to breath in.

This is not a poem or a column. This is just a little statement from me to you.



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