This ain’t freedom

This ain’t freedom

( For our Freedom fighters)


I wonder about my Moluccan community
Because sometimes we’re blind as hell
To think we live in freedom
while our freedom fighters are stuck in a jail cell
How much more can a man take
to get beat up everyday
Only for waving our flag
It’s a disgrace filled by hate
We all saw the video images
and I bet the whole world too
but they choose not to hear us
because we are radical
that’s what the whole world knew
So don’t join the forces
Don’t be blind for attraction
Don’t be a slave
Only for their satisfaction
Now somebody will call me a racist
I can see it by the way they look at me
But than I remember Pattimura and president Soumokil
So I say, go to hell with this so called Liberty


– written by: Emerson Terinathe-


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