An ordinairy friend

An ordinairy friend


She asked me if we could still be friends
But how does a man
Act like a friend
While he just lost his second chance?

Nomore kisses on her lips
Just 3 kisses on her cheeks
Nomore wishes for more
But my soul is weak

Her feelings changed
It’s obvious, she made her decision
Her smile is no longer my smile
We share no longer the same vision

It feels like a lifetime sentence in prison
Still I feel no hate
I wish her all the best
But for us being just friends
It’s just too late

I can’t be a friend
While I’m dying for more
Although I never had expectations
for her my heart was a open door

Whatever may happen
If she ever finds another man
I can’t be happy for her
just like an ordinairy friend

 – written by: Emerson Terinathe –


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